Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Officially on the Losing Side

Yippee!! My surgery was on March 30. It was about 3-1/2 hours long. I, of course, didn't really notice the time difference. One minute I'm laying on the operating table apologizing to a nurse for groping her the next minute I'm awake and telling them I am going to be sick. Here were my first conscious memories:

* Be roused and told the surgery is over.

* I tell them I feel sick and am in pain.

* Some wonderful, blessed, angel of a person firmly pressed the pain pump into my hand and told me to click it when I needed relief. Clickety clickety.

* Them telling me we were heading to my room to see my husband. I remember smiling then. Right now I'm in near tears. Just the thought of seeing him and being around him made me smile even half consciousness.

During the surgery they found my liver enlarged. They biopsied it, but it was not chiroiss (uhm yeah I know I spelled it wrong, but right now I'm doing really well to just type I just took some good drugs). It was enlarged because of my weight. I also have a hernia in the area of my c-section. Since I plan to maybe have one more child, that was not anything we needed to address at this time.

I stayed from Tuesday until Friday. The hospital was nice. The nurses were AWESOME. As were the medical techs they had. My surgeons rocked too.

I had to go back to see the nurse today. A two hour trip -- ugh. I have an infected incision. It is not that bad. Oh it was. It was disgusting... here look at the incision... ain't purdy is it? Trust me my friends, the stench it emitted was nothing close to pretty either. Soooo.. now it has to be packed three times a day. I don't even want to discuss that. Well, I must go now. My son beckons. Oh and total weight loss.... READY... WANNA KNOW.. YOU WANNA KNOW DON'T YOU.... READY? CAN YOU HANDLE IT... 18 pounds in one week. THANK YOU GOD!!!


TomatoQueenB said...

18 pounds and counting!

Have I told you how proud I am that you are taking charge of yourself? You are turning into an inspiration of improving self-esteem.

Keep up the great progress. One step at a time will see you to your ultimate goal...a new YOU!! :)

Susan Davis said...

18 pounds already?! That's amazing! Love you girl!

hyka's mess said...

Thats wonderful Lin!!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Mimi said...

Fabulous! You are an inspiration to me. Just think, you can have those clothes in no time, and your life is probably changing already, you seem a little more up-beat in your posting, but then again, it could be the drugs.lol

Stacey said...

I am glad it's over! I hope it speeds by and your under 300 before you know it.

Deana said...

18 lbs is awesome. I am so glad you are getting through the hard part and soon will be enjoying the best part, losing all the weight, yaay!