Sunday, July 15, 2007

From the book of "WHY DOES HE DO THAT?"

My typical disclaimer: I LOVE MY HUSBAND. He just irks me at times. Now for the "Why Does He Do That" post:

* Why does he feel the need to tickle, poke, prod.. basically torture our son until he whines and/or cries. Sometimes he'll even add fuel to the fire by scolding him for fussing!

* Why must he do said torture directly on the couch in front of my desk. They have a whole room called Manland in which to cause chaos and mayhem. Must it be in my direct line of sight?

* When I suggest something to distract my son from something -- i.e. today I suggested sandwiches for lunch rather than ramen noodles as I did not want to cook -- WHY must he then suggest to our son to have the aforementioned noodles?? He doesn't mean to do it. But today I had enough of that sort of thing. I made him go make the noodles and scrapped the idea of making him the grilled ham and cheese sandwich he wanted. (Yes, I know a grilled sandwich is cooking, but I wanted to cook that. I detest cooking ramen noodles for reasons unknown).

I love my husband, but WHY must he do that?!

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