Thursday, August 23, 2007

Since You've Been Gone....

Gary's been in the "box" for two weeks now. I've missed him like crazy. I'm still uber upset over the Second Life incident, but that doesn't mean I haven't missed the man.

Usually I'm pretty pessimistic. It's part of my charm. The moody, dark side makes me mysterious -- or bitchy. You choose. In an attempt to be more cheery and little miss sunshine, I decided to make a list of things that are nice while he's gone:

*No cooking! I hate to cook. I can cook very well. I can eat even better. I just hate it. With Gary gone, I have cooked once. Gunner wanted eggs, so Gunner got eggs. Now, my son eats but he doesn't really like most foods. He would live off of carrots and cheese if I let him. His dinners have been eggs, cheese, carrots and a few Lunchables.

*No cooking = no dishes!
I have ran the dishwasher ONCE in two weeks. ONCE. And it wasn't even full. I just wanted my coffee mugs cleaned.

*One less person = less laundry! Sure, I do laundry nearly daily, but mainly because Gunner likes the same pajamas over and over. Also, I have favorite clothes I want to wear. Not to mention Miss Maddy's clothes. That girl's a drool gland.

*Cleaner house!
My husband's a slob. Plain and simple. I am forever cleaning up after him. He is truly worse than Gunner. With him gone, my floor is cleaner. My room is cleaner. I don't find computer magazines laying everywhere. I don't trip over Army gear. Ahhh it's nice.

*My bathroom is MY bathroom! This means that my poofy thing that I wash with stays on top when hanging in the shower. My toothbrush is the one sitting on the Sonicare thingee. My shower doesn't have gross Army-man crap in it after Gary's shower.

*My bed stays neater!
I'm a wilder sleeper than he is, but without him in the bed, the bed stays neater. Not sure why, considering Gunner sleeps there too, but it does.

So, those are the groovy things about Gary being gone. I would absolutely, 100% gladly cook, clean up after him and do more laundry if he were home... but he's not so I am enjoying my little vacation from the drudge of housewifery.

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