Thursday, September 27, 2007

Soo... Seriously

Not that I have a huge readership (though I like to pretend to myself I have plenty of lurkers)... Sometimes I want to confess things on my little blog. I don't because of the following:

*I know girls from my mommy board read my blog. Most of them I don't really care what they'd think about a certain confession I have. There is one though that I actually really care about what she thinks. She is not judgmental at all. I really value her lifestyle and her personality. She's never harsh, but never sickly sweet. I don't want her to think ill of me. (For those from my March board.. her initials are two daughters. Lives in Cali... GR)

*I don't want people who DON'T know me to judge me based on the one confession.

I like bullets.


Anonymous said...

People judge me all the time Lin....vicious emails and all.

Half the time they're right ;)

On The Losing Side said...

Slick.. I've seen your blog. I've READ your blog. I've laughed at your blog. What's there to

Sheila said...

I'm someone who thinks carefully about what I'm going to 'put out there for the world to see'. Yet, at the same time, I wonder why... I'm not ever going to meet 95 percent of my 'readers'.

Fantastagirl said...

It's a tough call - many of your readers you will never meet, and wouldn't think any different of you - they would probably say - Hey - been there done that.... but there's always that slim chance...I struggle with the same things. What to say, what not to say, its a tough call - I think you just have to say - this is my blog, like it or leave it.