Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Small update

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve gone a more than a month without posting. Of course with my vast readership, the world is nearly in chaos with the loss of my literary skills.

So.. here’s what’s been up. Or down.

My sister has been staying with me for a few weeks. It’s been fun – and stressful. The girl’s nuts half the time. Nuts as in “needs medication.” She has a seven month old son who deserves a post all to himself.

Vicky and Drew got married!! The wedding was very informal. I’m just glad my baby girl is no longer living in sin…lol. Here is the picture of my hubby walking her down the aisle. She walked to some country song -- can't remember which one -- and when she started walking, the lyrics "daddy walks his little girl down the aisle" came on. Sooo perfect. Not even planned.

Gary deploys this week. On our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. Oh sure, the traditional gift is wood. My husband, being the trendsetter that he is, decided to give me a 15-18 month deployment. Woo-freakin-hooo.

Well, off to prepare for turkey day.


Sheila said...

I'm glad to know you're doing okay!! Please post again in another month, okay? ;) (Actually, sooner would be great!)

Fantastagirl said...

Thank you for updating! Sounds like life is keeping you busy. Beautiful picture - Didn't you tell your hubby that you'd be fine with a 2x4 rather than the deployment?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!