Friday, December 28, 2007

So That Others May Believe

On Christmas Eve, Gary’s squad and one other squad spent their patrol time guarding one of the few Christian churches in the heart of Baghdad. Intel had come through that insurgents were going to make a strike on the church that night.

Originally they had planned on clearing the church to ensure the worshippers were safe. Then it was decided that they would allow them in the church and beef up the security. Amazingly, this was a decision left up to the individual squad leaders. Meaning, Gary and his fellow squad leader were able to make the decision to allow others to worship.

I told Gary that I was proud of him. He was raised in a church going family. Me, not at all. Though I wholeheartedly believe. I said something referencing Jesus and our general worshipping of God. To which he replied, “Baby, I would guard a temple, a mosque, a pagan’s gathering point, anywhere. I would guard those sites on the most holy of their nights in the most dangerous of situations. I can’t pick and chose what I believe in to guard. I’m a soldier. I want to guard other’s beliefs. I want the four year old Muslim child to be able to worship his God just like I want our four year old to be able to worship our God. In the end, we all just want to believe. ” He didn’t say it to sound badass (though he sure did in MY eyes). He was matter-of-fact about it. Much like he is on things that I’d be emotional about. He said it because that’s how he believes. That’s how he picks his gun up and carries on when he’s away from the ones he loves the most.

He does it so that others can believe.


Sheila said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!

Fantastagirl said... have an amazing hubby! But you already knew that.

Our country is so lucky to have him.