Friday, June 23, 2006

Fears About Losing Weight

Here are some of the fears I have about losing weight:

* What if I become a slut. Seriously. I've never had tons of guy attention. What if, when I lose weight, all of a sudden I have all this attention and become some kind of slut.

* Resentment I will/may feel towards people who treat me differently. I don't want to be bitter.

* What if I lose weight, and my body looks funny. I know, I know how could it look funnier than it looks now, right? But if I lose all this weight, I want to look HOT, not frumpy.

I think I have more fears but those are the most overwhelming ones at this point.


Mimi said...

You won't be a slut,you'll be a flirt, lol. You can enjoy the attention, but you don't have to act on it. As far as people treating you different, that will happen, when ever I have lost weight, people would say, oh you look so good, and I would say, was I an ogre before? I know, kinda bitchy, but people need to think before they speak. You won't look frumpy, you will learn a style to hightlight the good points and camoflauge the flaws. Don't worry, you are beautiful any way you look. It's all about how you feel about yourself.

Carie said...

those are all logical fears, and to be expected when going through a major life change...but heres the reality, the outside will change, but with your inner strength and big heart you will always be you... :o)

My Uncle had this surgery, and it was so hard on him, the mental process always made him worry, but hes happy now and yeah I see that people treat him different, sometimes I get made because of it and sometimes I am happy for him...I hate when people make his weight the key issue in his life, its not, his family is, as is yours, your weight does not define you...its who you are inside, and the people who have always cared and been there will know that and not give a fig about the rest...

you are amazing and thats always going to shine through :o)

Nobody special said...

Hello!! Could I have said any of that better than Mimi and Carie?

Lin, try to take baby steps. Focus on loosing the weight and worry about the other stuff when it actually becomes a problem.

Easier said than done and all that, but I think it helps to remember that you are only human and can only deal with so much at a time.

Susan Davis said...

Question: when people notice you looking better, what do you want them to say?

I tell my sister, "You look so much better (complete truth!)... not that you looked bad before... just you look sizzling now!"

It's hard to tell someone they look better without inferring that they looked worse at one point. I guess people can say, "You look amazing!" or "You look (fill in the blank)!"

I think you may be too busy feeling good about yourself anyway.