Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's Activities

Today I have:

* Emptied the garbages in the house (something I never do)

* Swept the floors

* Done the laundry (well still working on it)

* Cleaned off the kitchen table (it's glass and accumulates dust easily)

* WORKED OUT FOR 20 MINUTES!!! Yup, 20 minutes. In a while I'm going for a walk.

I'm just so proud of all I've done. Oh and it's only 11 am!!!! I just hope when the boy gets home next week I'll still be motivated. Sometimes being a mom wears me the heck out!


Deana said...

What a nice motivation to clean, no 2 year old to mess it all up. Lin, I am happy things are going so well.

Mimi said...

Starting Sat, I'll be short a teenager for 2wks, so my cleaning and laundrey will lighten. I worked today and right now the only thing I'm motivated to do is jump in the pool.

It's My Life For Now said...

You are motivating ME to workout!

Way to go!

hyka's mess said...

Go LIN!!!!!

Carie said...

wow you have gotten a ton its 10:30 pm here and I have done ummm 2 loads of laundry and thats all lol I have kicked back and goofed off all day

:O) when ever I want to give myself a boost I go you can doooo the dude on the gazelle glider commercials lol just cause it sounds funny and makes me laugh ;o) so you can dooo it

Susan Davis said...

You're cool girl... seems like you're working out pretty regularly. Do that for a few weeks/months, and you'll notice muscular results... good job!!!!!