Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I think BMI stands for Body Mass Index -- basically it tells you what your percentage of fat is. Mine WAS 68%. It is now 62%. I have to remember that even if I "only" lost seven pounds in a week, I am still 6% less in the BMI arena.

It takes a lot for me to honestly post my weight/BMI here. I just feel that it's time to stop hiding things mostly from myself. If I tell the world via my blog (yeah because everyone reads my blog, of then I figure there's no way I can hide any longer.


Carie said...

I think you are so brave...I admire your strength and heart, you amaze me constantly, you have this inner strength that shins through your posts in their honesty...thank you for it all

Nobody special said...

I think that is a good thing. I watched Oprah the other day and it was about weight loss and she said it was really important for her to 'own" the weight first.
I thought that was so stupid until I tried to really own mine.It was harder than I thought.

I know her weightloss is nothing compaired to what you are going through, but I think she's a smart cookie.
You are brave and strong and a total inspiration.
Keep it up Lin. You are doing great.

Mimi said...

It would be very hard for me to tell the world what I weigh. I know I'm a big girl, but it's hard telling the real number, I don't even like to tell hubby, you are a beautiful, brave woman. Keep blogging about it. You give me hope.

Susan Davis said...

Cool beans on the BMI decrease. What's your goal?