Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thank you everyone

I want to post and thank everyone who reads and comments. Mimi and Carie (or is it Carrie? Sutpid Blogger won't let me go back and double check the spelling), everytime I read a comment from you it just lifts my spirits. It's such a nice feeling to know that people I don't personally know care enough about me to read and comment. This goes for EVERY SINGLE one of my friends who comments or reads.

This surgery has been one of the most life-altering things I've ever done. It's quite the journey and I'm just so grateful I have this blog as an outlet. I'm even more grateful for friends to care enough to read and comment.



Mimi said...

I guess I can understand your weight struggle and seeing that you have taken measures to do something about it really impresses me. I feel that I know you and I care about how you are doing. You have got my little brain working on ways to improve myself so I can be around to torture, I mean, take care of my loved ones for years to come.

Jeannie said...

Reading--just not so great at commenting--but u know I love ya! You're doing so great!!!!!!!! Everyone is so proud of you :)

Carie said...

I only speak the trueth :o) you are an amazing person with a huge heart and so much inner strength...I will always be here cheering you on :o)