Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today I only worked out for 15 minutes

At first I was disappointed. Then I remembered I wanted to quit after four minutes. So, actually 15 is good. Sure, I want to work out 20 minutes three times a week, but I did work out 20 minutes yesterday. Today I'm going to go for a walk as soon as I cool off from the Richard Simmons' work out. Then that will bring my total up to 20 minutes for one day. There is a school of thought that you have to work out for a straight period of time, but my doctor at BJACH (the base hospital) told me that 10 minutes here and there adds up. Her special interest is sports and fitness so I trust her.

I keep needing to find the courage to call the personal trainer at the gym. She will do six training sessions for $100. That's not bad. I just need to get the courage to call. I'm going to try to do that today. I figure maybe as a personal trainer being able to help me would bring her a great sense of accomplishment?? I hope that is how she feels. I'm so nervous. What a big step.


Nobody special said...

I bet your personal trainer will be happy knowing that YOU feel a great sense of accomplishment.

You are doing great. I havent worked out for 15min. straight in I dont know how long!

Mimi said...

Every bit of exercise adds up. When I went to Weight Watchers, they said that you could break it up. I know that I would have a hard time finding 20 mins all at one time. Gyms intimidate me, so I really think you are brave. Remember, not everyone started out in perfect shape and you are trying to better yourself. Keep up the good work.

Carie said...

I think you are doing amazing :o)

me and Ash work out to richard simmons sweatin to the oldies lol we have a blast and laugh much easier to work out doing silly stuff then watching those skinny girls in bikinis meant for the mens pleasure...blah :oP

A personal trainer will teach you alot of target specific exercises that will make your workout time go by faster, my uncle used one for a short period of time

you just amaze me with your strength and determination :o) woooohoooo

On The Losing Side said...

Everyone that comments is so encouraging and sweet. Thank you EVERYONE!!