Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today I worked out for 20 minutes

My goal this week is to work out for 20 minutes three times, then on the other days I'll walk. Today I did 20 minutes to Richard Simmons' "80's Blast Off." It was a lot more fun, and easier, than his "Salsa Blast Off." I think it was just easier because I understood the moves better. Who knows. My goal is to work out again tomorrow for 20 minutes then on Friday for 20 minutes. I want to work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then walk Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday shall be my day of rest. Yesterday I didn't work out, but I did walk around Walmart a lot then Gary and I took two walks around the block.

This weekend we plan on taking Gunner to the Alligator Park about an hour away. That should be fun -- and lots of walking. That'll be my Saturday walking.

I'm tired, but happy that I actually got up and worked out when Gary left for work. GO ME!!

PS... It's 10:15 and I just got back from a walk around the block. ALONE. It was a brisk walk too. I think it took under 10 minutes, but with the walking I'll do later it will bring the total for exercise up to 30 minutes today. YIPPEEEEEE


Mimi said...

Great job. How are those Richard Simmons workouts? I've never done one, truthfully, he kinda scares me, his legs are smoother than mine, lol. But I wouldn't mind finding a workout tape that was easier to follow and wasn't filled with super models. The weekend sounds fun. I like doing things like that. When Dan's kids get here, we'll be going to the zoo a few times. I'll update my blog later. Again, great work.

gwen said...

have you considered getting a pedometer? Then you can track how many steps you do each day and set a goal to beat on the days you don't work out. My dad has had a lot of success with his.