Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I hate people today... and I'm hurt over so many for reasons I can't understand

I am so upset right now and I can't explain why. It's about this person on my board who I can't stand. She comes and goes when she needs someone. Then she comes back and admits to having an affair, she and her husband being physically violent with each other, having a big fight about her affair at the Zoo in front of her KIDS, and then getting knocked up by this guy from the affair and wanting to abort it but miscarrying before she can. She just comes and says all of that and people who I really respected before basically defend her actions. I'm not saying everyone had to be harsh with her. But c'mon. Where is the fucking accountability of today? She's a grown woman with three kids. She's not a 16 year old in high school who kissed another boy. She knows what makes a pregnancy and yet she goes and screws around otherwise. I know we're not supposed to judge. I know... I know.. I know. But do we have to support it? To tell her that "it's ok we all make mistakes?" I refuse to be a part of that board now. To top it off, someone I thought truly as a good friend seemed a bit hateful to me. That bugged me. A few friends from this board emailed or called voicing their support but not one person, when it counted, stood up and said they had my back. I hate that. I'm so upset today. Mostly I'm hurt that people I loved and respected let me down. Maybe I'm a baby. But it's my Blog and I can post what I damn well want to.

Yeah I'm not perfect, but I surely don't put my sins out on the board and expect coddling.

** To top it off, like an idiot I went to go eat my frustrations way. I ate too fast and ended up with a stomach ache for an hour. My fault. **


Carie said...

wow...I am so sorry things are just piling up on you like this...after reading the post before I was so hoping your day would get better...I am still holding out hope for it, I am so sorry about all the stress...

I am with you on the subject of this woman...I know boards are made for supposrt, but at times you gotta tell someone to stand up and take responsibility for themselves and their actions...people so suck sometimes

Just Some Gal said...


Love to you babe...

Susan Davis said...

You're not judging. Just because you have an opinion about her actions being wrong, and just because you don't support her doesn't mean you are judgmental in any way.

Just always try to say a little prayer for people whether they're doing good things or not.

And I agree with you about her. I left my board because of certain people. I refuse to be a part of something that makes me feel that bad.

Good luck figuring out what to do with your board.