Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sisters can drive ya insane

My little sister is going through a divorce after being married for nearly 17 years. They've been together 20. They have two children. While I've been through a divorce, it was only five years long and no children.

Right now she's driving me nuts!! She started cheating on her husband awhile after she moved to Georgia. I suspect he might've been cheating on her before, but who knows. Then at some point, they decided to have an open relationship. Whatever!!! That's just nuts. Finally, they decided to divorce.

In the meantime, my little sister has been going crazy w/the men. I guess it's probably because she was married at 18 and didn't have a chance to "experience" things. Who knows. What I do know is that I'm tired of hearing about her exploits.

Recently she became involved with a man who claimed he was legally separated from his wife and she lived in Montana. Well, all of a sudden his wife is moving back. I could go into a lot more details -- but suffice to say that this man has told enough lies that even a moron could see that he was lying, never separated, etc. My sister says she sees that but the sex is so good!!! I told her no matter how good sex is, what about self-respect. She doesn't see it that way, I guess.

I worry about her emotional and physical health. She's in counseling, which is good; but she is now stuck in the victim mentality. She is saying her husband is enjoying the single life while she deals with things. Uhm, her husband is DEPLOYED TO IRAQ!!! Sure, I've never been to Iraq, but I'm fairly certain he's not living it up at nightclubs and whatnot over there. A lot of what she's dealing with is her own doing.

I just needed to get that out of my system!


Carie said...

I have 2 sisters that are so much like step sister is only 2 weeks older than me...she has 3 kids...3 different dads...and has been with so many men she can not give a number any longer lol...I love her to death, but I do worry about her and the kids...she recently married the man she had her first child with (she was 16) and they seem happy...I so hope so...and my other sister has been married twice...divorced twice and 1 child...she has messed up bad...left her child to chase a mna who got her strung out, came back very religous to get her daughter back...but she seems to be doing ok for ya your right...sisters can drive ya nuts...damn I wonder what they think about me lol

Susan Davis said...

I know how you feel. I'm sure you love your sister very much or else this wouldn't bother you. My 2 sisters (and brother) are currently driving me crazy. Good thing we have blogs, huh?

Have a nice day girlie!

On The Losing Side said...

Well Carie, I would hope your sisters think you're great!! Becuase you are!!!

Susan, I know what you've gone through after reading your blog. SISTERS UGH!!

Anonymous said...

I know how sisters can be, escpecially little ones. My sister drove me crazy for years! And then after a 3 week illness, she unexpectedly died at the age of 24 (in December)- leaving behind a little one whose dad was not around.

I kind of wish I still had her around to drive me crazy;)Gosh, I can hardly write that without crying.