Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Rather Bummed

I lost only two pounds in 10 days. I know that there will be plateaus. I also know that I've gained muscle and lost fat. The fact remains, two pounds in 10 days is depressing. I know it's to be expected, though. The past two days I haven't worked out. It's hard to do when Gary's off work, not sure why. Tomorrow I'll start back up again. I figure if I do it at least five times a week, that's great!!!


Carie said...

my uncle had weeks where he lost to much weight and then weeks when he lost none...he got really upset over it as well...just stay strong :o) we are all here for you, cheering you on and more than just proud, you are so strong and I know you will work through the low points coming out stronger :o)

Susan Davis said...

Too bad you can't measure exactly how much fat you lost, because that muscle will make it like you didn't lose much. Please, girl, keep in mind that you gained muscle mass. Don't judge your success based on your weight but on your attitude and health. And in that case, you're great! And you need to look at your total weight loss... that's an already amazing number. I'm happy for you even though I understand what you mean.