Thursday, August 24, 2006

Now for an amusing post

I have to share an amusing little ditty about my darling child. A few days before my husband deployed, Gunner went to his usual pooping place (under the kitchen table) and did his business. Then he promptly got up on the couch and yelled out, "GARY!!!! HEY GARY!!! I need a diaper change, GARY!!" Oh my boy is smart -- he knows mommy doesn't do dirty diapers if daddy's around
Even more amusing, this was the only time he's ever called his daddy by his first name. LMAO. Oh and uh yeah, Gary did the diaper changing. Not me.


Deana said...

Gunner is so cute, I love how he knew what he wanted, he is a smart boy.
At our house Alan does all the poopy diapers when he is home, but Bryce often wants mom to do it.

Mimi said...

LOL, I wish I could say poopy diapers were in the past with me, they should have been, but Erin has a bladder condition that would make it near impossible to potty train her, not to mention that she doesn't have the mental ability, last night she went into her room and then came to find me in the kitchen and proceeded to hug on me until I caught a wiff of her and then she laughed and layed down for the diaper, geeze. Alex used to hide behind a chair to do his business.

UsedToBe220 said...

Hey Lin. It's Kira. Just sending HUGS to you!! I know you're going though a rough time and I'm not going to preach to be strong or any shit like that because I know that is just a bunch of bullshit when your feeling really down. Just sending the (((HUGS))). I'd let you ley on my knee and cry if you were close to me. Love the pics of Gunner and loved the story about the diaper change. I would have been laughing my ASS off if I heard Justin or Ryan say that!! Anyway, take care and try not to be a stranger. Hope you feel better soon.