Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weight Loss Update

As of 18 August, 2006 I had lost 80lbs!!

Today I have lost the following in inches:

WAIST - 9.5
ARMS - 2.25
THIGHS - 3.5
NECK - 2.0
CALVES - 2.0
HIPS - 5.50

FOR A TOTAL INCHES LOST OF 24.75 inches!!!!

Surgery was just one week shy of three months ago.


Mimi said...

That's great! I am in awe. I know it's been rough not being able to enjoy food like you used to, that's why I think I haven't taken that step, plus, money is a big factor. I need to work on the mindset that we eat to live not live to eat. Lately, it seems I want something to eat,but nothing tastes good and that sucks. But keep up the good work and remember that you are beautiful inside and out no matter what!

hyka's mess said...

Lin - You are doing a fantastic job! I'm so proud of you and all you have accomplished in the last 3 months. Keep up the good work and keep striving for a better YOU!

Susan Davis said...

That's so exciting to me. Lsing those inches must be so cool. How are your clothes fitting? Maybe with some of that money your brother is going to repay you, you can buy some new clothes for the time being.

Have a good day!

Carie said...

you are doing an amazing job...I know its been a hard road, but man are you doing great :) as always I am here for ya :o)