Thursday, August 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

* My favorite doctor at the hospital (the base hospital) just went out on maternity leave!!! I loved her! Now I have to break in another doctor.

* I still don't know when Gary's leaving. The Army sucks.

* I got a pedicure today from the shop up the road. I've gone four other times and it's been ok. Not superb but decent enough. Today it was terrible. I will now go the extra few miles into town and pay an extra $10 to get a decent pedicure.

* I'm sick of not being able to eat w/out my stomach hurting. I know mostly it's because I eat too fast. I need to work on that. It's a hard habit to break.

* I called the guy my sister was having an affair with (who was lying to her about everything) and warned him off of her. My threat, and it worked, was that I would call his commander and report his adultery. Suffice to say, it worked and my sister has no idea it was me! She told me she has slept better lately than she has since being involved w/that jerk!!

* I wish my younger brother who owes me money would pay me on a somewhat regular basis.

* I lost four pounds.


hyka's mess said...

yay on the four pounds ... sorry they aren't telling you anything on Gary's leaving ... hint to your brother you need the dough ..... sucks about the pedicure ... might be worth the extra $10 ....

KoolaidDavis said...

So are you going to the French Quarter's Salon by Wal Mart? Susan seems to like it.

I hope that guy leaves your sister alone. Too bad she had an affair.

I know how much it sucks when a sibling won't pay you the money they owe you. It sucks, especially when you're counting on it.