Saturday, August 19, 2006

Screw it

I was supposed to go to a birthday party tonight. I got all ready, had Gary take my picture and was depressed. For some reason I thought I looked great -- the picture proved that wasn't quite the case. Gary assured me, very gently of course, that I am not very photogenic. The fact is I just feel ugly.

So I left for the party. Went to Walmart to get a birthday card and cash for the gift. Then on the way to the restaurant, I started thinking about how the other wives would go on and on about how great their husbands were and this and that -- I realized I couldn't sit through another night of that like the last time. So, I said screw it, turned around and came home.

I stopped at McDonald's to get Gary dinner (he was just going to eat what I ordered at the restaurant since I can't eat) and I thought I'd eat a grilled chicken sandwich, minus the bread. Of course I get home and they'd given me a fried sandwich with all the trimmings. McD's is about 3 minutes from my house. But again I said screw it.

I had Gary take another picture, thinking MAYBE I'd look better. I look tired and old. To this I say, screw it.


Just Some Gal said...



You're beautiful sweetheart, you truly are. We all have moments that we don't like the pics. (You notice I never show pics with my face? ever, not even our board)...

So I'll say what everyone always says...

Cliche as it is... It is so true...

I wish you could see how beautiful you are to the rest of us.

Susan Davis said...

"I realized I couldn't sit through another night of that like the last time"... what last time?

And I forgot to ask, who is Katie and why do you hope she's not reading that post from earlier this week?

Nobody special said... first I was going to write the cliche ((hugs)) and talk about inner beauty we KNOW you have, but instead I am going to go out on a limb here and telling you what I really thought after reading this.

I think you are nuts. I think you look at yourself so harshly, and no one else would look at you like that! When I look at people, (and I mean look at their face and physical appearace, not how nice they are ok)I really only notice and remember the things in them that I wish I had! "I wish I had her hair" or "I wish I had her fashion sense and tiny feet" lol.
With you, this is what I noticed when you posted pics of yourself: Can I have that eye color please!!! I have boring (to me)green/brown! I would give anything for eyes like yours! You have high and adorable apples for cheeks. When you smile your whole face smiles. You beat me on the "cute" factor with that smile. I don't think I ever look "cute". Your hair cut is fashionable. You look straight out of a salon in some of your pics. I am not that put together on a good day. GREG cuts my hair lol.
I'm sorry to write a novel. I guess what I'm saying is you look at yourself and see what you hate, but I think most people are going to see the things that they think are beautiful about you, because we are all a bit self concious and we have to check out the competition. :P
I hope that made's late ya know, and yes that is a cop out in case you think Im nuts. :)