Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm feeling slightly better. Still a bit hopeless. I had appointment yesterday at BJACH with Behavioral Health. I, apparently, am so messed in the head that the doctor is meeting w/the Tricare coordinator and formulating some plan for my care. I have an appointment this morning with a regular doctor to order labs to see if some of the issues are maybe related to my surgery -- i.e. electrolyte imbalance, malnourishment, etc. etc. Gary leaves on Tuesday. I know you understand how that feels. It's not helping at all in the anxiety area or the depression area. THEN at 2 I have an appt in DeRidder with a counsellor. I'll email you. I lost your phone number. Yesterday at BJACH I thought I saw Oliver, but then saw the person's name and it wasn't Oliver after all -- good thing I didn't run up and say hey.


Susan Davis said...

Does it help you when the doctors take you seriously? Cuz it seems to me that they surely are. I like that about them. What made you go to the hospital?

You'd think they'd let Gary stay home... wow.

And yeah, I used to get black guys confused with Oliver... they all look alike. So do white/Chineese/etc...

I'll email you my #.

If you need help with your appointments and Gunner, I'll help.

Mimi said...

I'm glad you posted. I was wondering what was up. It sucks that Gary is still leaving. It sounds like Susan can be a good support person for you. Thanks for updating and letting us know what was going on. Sounds like these docs are actually trying to do something.

Carie said...

I am glad the docs are doing something to help you, I am also glad you found a friend to share it all with...I am sorry that hes leaving, and that so much has happend to you, I have and will continue to keep you in my thoughts...always here for you

KoolaidDavis said...


I went to BJACH last week for an eye exam. I can't remember which day exactly it was though.

I deploy in a month, and then when I come back, chances are we won't live here anymore... so that means that our families should get together sometime soon. Maybe you guys can come see me deploy.

Well, talk to you soon!