Thursday, September 21, 2006

10 Things I'll Never Say .. Stolen from Stacey, who stole from Angel who stole it from Trashman

1. Why yes, I WOULD love to change Gunner's shitty diaper.

2. Sorry Baby, it's exit only.

3. Gosh I wish I could stay in Louisiana forever!!!

4. I hope Gary gets deployed a LOT more.

5. Gunner, please be sure to string your toys throughout the ENTIRE house, not just the living room.

6. I wish it were football season all year round!!

7. Pizza is from the DEVIL.

8. I wish my skin had more zits.

9. Cuddling.. NO THANK YOU!!

10. Wow, I'm looking too skinny.


Nobody special said...

I was already laughing at the title lol

How fitting that the "exit only" is #2.

God I need to grow up. lol

On The Losing Side said...

LOL I didn't even realize that I did that..hahaha....

Susan Davis said...

Hey, I like football... I really wish it were year round.

Other than that, I'm in agreement. But that's one pretty big disagreement there. I don't know if we can be friends any longer.

Go football!

On The Losing Side said...

Awww Susan.. sure we can be friends. I don't hate football, I just needed another thing I'd never say!

Stacey said...

LMAO at #2..Angel you are so damn witty, I tell ya!

Mimi said...

lol, #2. lol lol
luckily, hubby doesn't like football, here it is nascar, yuck. oh well, i guess it's like picking your poisen.

Mimi said...

btw, why wouldn't you say it's exit only, to share? just kidding.

Deana said...

You naughty girl!