Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Things You Experience As A Military Wife

* Knowing your husband is sleeping in less than desirable conditions. To him, a cot is heaven compared to the rocky, muddy terrain he slept on last week.

* Knowing your husband considers getting one of his "favorite" MRE's a good day. At least he got to eat.

* Fear at the ringing of the phone. It might be someone calling to tell you that your husband's been injured.

* Elation at the ringing of the phone. It might be your husband calling after being out on a mission for a week or more.

* Trying to envision what life could possibly be like if your husband is killed. Then feeling guilty for even thinking such a thing.

* Achingly lonely nights alone in the bed that you and your husband bought together, laughed in, loved in, talked about the future in.

* Tears that come unexpectedly at times you can't possibly cry, but are unable to stop crying because it hit you that you miss your husband so badly you just want to lay down and die until he comes home.

* Laying next to him in the dark listening to him tell you of his first firefight. Of how he took the lives of others. Hearing the tears in his voice, not knowing what to say or do so you quietly hold his hand and let your own tears silently flow.

* Pride. Pride in knowing that your husband has chosen to serve his country. You chose to marry him. It might be part of the reason you fell in love with him. The pure pride of knowing that your husband is out there doing what most can't or won't ever do and making sure our country, and other countries, are a better place for the future.


Just Some Gal said...

This is so beautiful Lin...

Many big hugs to you. You're one of the strongest gals I know and I truly admire you.

Deana said...

I truly am so sorry that you have to have Gary aways from you. I know you will survive because you are strong, but that doesn't make it any easier. I wish there was something I could do to help, just know that was all are here for you to lean on, share your sadness, vent whatever helps you feel better. Hugs

Stacey said...

Maybe get drunk and play old country records? Nah, proably wouldn't help. But do know...WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Susan Davis said...

Sometimes it would be easier if my home had nothing to remind me of Oliver. I get sad when I see his dirty clothes or wonder what to do with his left-over toiletries or cologn. The worst thing for me is doing the things he used to do, like getting Kirsten juice in the mornings, setting up the Internet when it stops working, or playing with the video camera. This is day 2 of many more... 363 more to be exact. But it's not miserable exery second... when he calls or when I sooth myself by writing him, those are good moments.

Thanks for your post because it helps me read my own thoughts on someone's blog. The military wife's club is huge and we have so much in common.

God bless you.

Carie said...

I think that the wives and loved ones of the military are amazingly strong...we are all here for you...to support you anyway you need us to, I know I may not be a "friend" in the real world sence, but I do care and I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers

It's My Life For Now said...

Lin, you put this into words so well. I can relate sort of, but not to the extent. I know the fear of that ringing phone. I know the anxiety that goes along with them putting their lives on the line. I guess it's all part of the sacrifice, but it's not so easy on the spouse. I feel for you and I'm here if you need anything!