Friday, September 08, 2006

Gotta LOVE the Army

So, they deploy Gary 22 August. He sits at Baghram for nearly two weeks doing absolutely nothing. Then they put him on a helicopter to link up with his unit. Great... EXCEPT... he had no weapon. STILL doesn't. At anytime the helicopter could've been shot down and then what would he have used to defend himself and others with? His winning, charming smile? Yeah, exactly. Then he gets to his unit and they tell him they DO NOT HAVE A WEAPON FOR HIM and won't for a week!! WTF is that about? Are there no extra guns hanging around somewhere? I mean really, it's the ARMY shouldn't they have, oh I don' t know, GUNS?! The good side, though, is he won't be running any missions for another week or so. No missions means no chance for injury. Sometimes I wonder what the heck his leadership is thinking. I know for a fact everyone who has been in the Army for any amount of time says that the unit is the worst they've ever been in by far. Sigh... only two more years here (at the most) and then hopefully on to better things. Best case scenario -- we leave in March so Gary can go to Warrant Officer school and become a pilot. Worst case -- Gary stays in the Army and we PCS... nothing could be worse than Ft. Polk.

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Deana said...

It sounds like the army has some really messed up planning going on. I can't believe they could organize sending a person to another country in conflict but didnt realize he needed a weapon.
I can only imagine how frustrating that is for everyone.