Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Sister's Pregnant

When I found out my first thought was of Jaime (who doesn't even know I read her blog probably) and of another friend of mine who I'll refer to as D simply because her business is her business and I don't want to announce her name.

These are two perfectly wonderful women who struggle to conceive. They SHOULD have babies. They SHOULD have a happy, healthy pregnancy and be worrying about names, morning sickness, college, etc. etc. Instead, these two women struggle and pray and do whatever it is they do in hopes of getting pregnant. My sister has an affair with a married man and gets pregnant. Oh but wait, it gets better. She also slept with two other guys in the same timeframe. One claims to have had a vasectomy and the other she just didn't use protection. Did I mention my sister is THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD!! She is not a 22 year old ditz. Nope. A 35 year old, irresponsible woman. It is not fair. I know we can't play God and God has his reasons, but it infuriates me and makes me sad all at the same time that people like Jaime and D struggle and should, by all rights, be happy mommies by now while my sister sleeps around and gets pregnant by God knows who.

I will love my niece or nephew as much as any of the others. Absolutely without a doubt. I'm very close to my sister and love her to pieces. I just detest some of her decisions lately.

I think it's time for an appearance on Jerry Springer.


Anonymous said...

My friend who was doing In Vitro felt the same way every time a young, unmarried client would come in her office looking for legal council. She is an attorney for a non profit law firm.

Deana said...

Its a hard thing that you are talking about. I think life is unfair at times and we all have to realize that at some point. I have to say I have never felt angry about others getting pregnant, but I know there are many who feel angry and bitter. I decided in the beginning that even though having babies was hard for us, we had been blessed in so many other ways, that I never felt angry. I have always loved baby showers and seeing new babies. I know that can kill some, I guess I just feel like when you get so sad that you have to seperate yourself from life, then you miss out on so much. Heck whenever I felt bummed about not getting pregnant, I spent a day with a friend with 3 or 4 little kids, came home to my clean house and relaxed. I think its all about finding the joy in where you are at right in this moment.
I hope you sister will be excited once the baby comes and be able to handle it on her own.

Deb said...

I just got done writing D and told her that life is not fair, because I was thinking along the same lines as you. If there is a God I don't understand why things are the way they are. Maybe he isn't as powerful as we think, or doesn't like to intervine. Either way, I hope D and your other friends get pregnant soon.

Stacey said...

Hey, did you know that Jerrry Springer will provide you with cigarette, lmfao, a pt of mine has been on there..twice.

Susan Davis said...

You're funny about the Jerry Springer appearance. My 37 year old brother, like your sister, is just too old to be doing the things he does. Young people can use their age as an excuse... but when you're in your 30's, what can you say? I guess some people just never grow up.