Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our Soldiers

Maybe I'm being super-sensitive because it's my husband. Who knows. But I put a link on my board to show the pictures of the living conditions of the soldiers. Someone made the comment that they were surprised by "all" they had over there. It pissed me off. Why? Because she made a comment about the fact they had a weight room. Well, yes they do. They still have to stay in shape. They still have to have SOMETHING to do to keep their minds off things when they're not out running missions.

Look at their tents -- would you want to live there? Look at the phone room. Notice the floor is sand. See the dust everywhere?!?! You can't have a private conversation back home if someone chooses to listen in -- luckily everyone's too concerned w/their own business. Look at the luxurious cots on which they sleep. The privacy they get is ZILCH. The pictures showing the guys sitting at computers is the S-3 shop. I have no clue what the S03 shop is other than operations, I'd guess. They're working there -- not surfing the net.

I know I'm extra sensitive but who cares. That's my HUSBAND. Yeah, he joined the Army and knew he'd be deployed. Yeah, the living quarters are better than they had in Vietnam, etc. But their still our soldiers -- our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers -- why shouldn't we want them to live in the BEST possible conditions? They're serving OUR nation. Some people say they're not fighting for our freedom right now... and maybe that's true. Who knows the whys of the wars we're fighting now. I don't listen to the political BS -- because that's what it is -- BS. These soldiers go over there and fight the fight like they joined up to do. It's our duty as Americans to support them.

:: Jumping off my soapbox::


Just Some Gal said...

Huzzah Lin!

I support Gary and am thankful each day that men (and women) like him are giving their time/effort to protect us.

I mean, for a minute there I thought perhaps the plywood was an art nouveau type of decoration...


I wish I could give them the best to serve... Hell, I wish I could bring him home for you.


Stacey said...

I could see how you could be sensitve to that statement, seeing as your HUSBAND is there.
BUT, I can understand why she said that also, honestly, they did have *more* than I thought they would. Like the chapel and weight room, not saying that is wonderful by anymeans, but more than I expected.