Thursday, December 14, 2006

Proof I'm an Army Wife

Today I came to the conclusion that maybe I've been exposed a bit long to the Army way of life. As proof I offer the following examples:

* When leaving for my walk this morning, I said I was "stepping off" not leaving.

* There is no breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks in my house. It's all just "chow."

* I have actually uttered the phrase, "I'm going to link up with " rather than saying I was going to meet them.

* I can easily identify the branch of service someone is in based on either uniform pattern and style or where their rank is placed on the uniform.

* It was MY idea to name my son Gunner.

* When talking to someone about what they do for a living, I don't ask them their occupation, I ask them their MOS.

* When driving through any area with houses, I automatically slow down to 15 miles per hour.

* Regardless of the store I'm in, I automatically offer the cashier my ID card.

* I know at least three cadences... and have used them to sing my son to sleep.

* I understand and can define acronyms such as PCS, TDY, LES, POV, PT and many more.

* I no longer have to add or subtract 12 to understand military time.

* Referring to someone by their first name, rather than their last, is odd to me.

* Roll Call is not something done in school for attendance, it is something that is heart-wrenchingly sad.

** Now, I think I came up with all of these on my own; however, there is the possibility that they are out there on one of those numerous "You Know You're A Military Wife..." thingees. But these are all true in my life. **


Mimi said...

Been there, done that. When I got divorced, it was really hard to change my ways. lol

hyka's mess said...


Its funny how we adapt to things like that ... Jim was Army firefighter/paramedic and he's got tons of terms that he throws my direction that I'm starting to use ...

Carie said...

lol I still don't get military time...Ken uses it all the time and my slow mind still has to do the counting thing lol...

great post, it was fun to read and I learned something from it...(I had to look up the meaning of the abreviations lol)

Carie said...

I hope you had an amazing christmas :) you deserve so much more :) Merry Late Christmas and a Happy New Year

Carrie said...

Ugh I hate military time. I still have to do the 12 rule and I've had to use it for around 4 years now...way longer than you! haha. I have a hard time with the 20's.