Monday, May 14, 2007

Sisters, daughters and granddaughters!

How have I been... well let me tell ya!

* I left on May 4 to go help my sister in GA. She just had a c-section and a tubal ligation. My mom was there and I thought we'd have a nice time -- the three of us. How can I forget so quickly that my mom and I are like oil and water. Or more like gasoline and a lighter. By Sunday we were at each other's throat. It all came down to a huge argument about whether or not my brother had a right to his opinion on my sister's situation. For those that don't know, she just gave birth to a baby from a man other than her now-ex-husband. The baby's father is a married man -- in the midst of a divorce. My brother feels it's a farce and this love match won't work. I agree. I told my mom that Mac had every right to his opinion and my mom got snotty and bitchy -- as she always does. It ended with me almost leaving early. I ended up staying. The argument ultimately ended when I went to another room, cried on the phone to Gary for an hour. I came out and said to my mom, "We are toxic together. From now on our time together will be limited. I won't apologize for my actions and I don't expect one from you." That actually cleared the air quite a bit.

* While taking care of my sister... WOW it was crazy. The baby won't sleep w/out being held. << David Allen @ two weeks old.

* Now for the BIG news. And I do mean BIG. On Monday I was driving my mom to the airport in Jacksonville, FL from Valdosta, GA. That was May 7. It was me, Mom, sis, baby and my neice. I was driving. My mom's phone rang and it was Drew, Vicky's fiance. He asked to talk to me. He sounded very dazed and out of it. Here is the conversation..

D: Is your phone on?
ME: Yeah, but in my purse.
D: Well, remember how yesterday Vicky had cramps?
ME: Yeah.
D: She's nine months pregnant and 5 cm dialated.
D: I wish I was.

I nearly missed the exit to drop Mom off. My mom, of course, tried to turn it all over to her. She started crying about how she was going to be a great-grandmother. Blah, blah, blah. Never mind she didn't offer to stay w/my sister so that I could go home to MY baby. Long story short, Vicky had been on the shot since August. She never had a lapse in birth control. Apparently the baby was meant to be!!! Vicky got pregnant in the first week of August. By the time she gave birth she was 42 weeks pregnant. She ended up having a c-section. The baby, my darling, beautiful grandbaby is MADELIN JEAN. 9oz 3oz. I LOVE HER!!

I was finally able to get home last night. I've spent the day w/Maddy. She's beautiful.

<< MADELIN JEAN at a few hours old. I have tons more pictures, just none uploaded.


Susan Davis said...

WHAT!!! WOW!!! I am amazed that sll this time, she was pregnant and didn't know it! How cool! Considering everything, I think God kept the baby a secret until she was about to come out. How cool! Congratulations to you and your children!!! Madelin, wow, how sweet! Are they doing ok? Do they need any help? I'm so happy for you all. :-D I am going to email Oliver.

God bless you all with the new babies in the family!

Mimi said...

that is so cool. the same thing happened with my nephew. his girlfriend was having back and it turned out she was in labor. congrats to you.

Mimi said...

I hope all is going well with that new baby. Been waiting for more pics.