Thursday, April 19, 2007


* Went to TX for a few days. Had a great time. Met Angel from the board. She is awesome.

* I met a guy in real life that I had been talking to online. He's home on R&R from Iraq. Same age as me. He's married. I'm married. He's black. I'm white. We met at the park. Our kids played. We flirted. That's as far as it went. No touching. I don't want it to go any further. I know it was wrong .. .but it felt so fucking GOOD to catch a man looking at me and smile then mouth the words "I want you." I don't plan on meeting him again.

* Gary has been home from training nearly a month. We haven't even french kissed. Let alone had sex. We haven't had that since November/December.

* I can't/won't do this anymore. He wants another child. I bluntly said to him, "To get one of those, we have to fuck." Yeah, I was crude, but dammit I'm tired of this sexless shit.

Don't bother leaving me judgmental messages. It's my Blog. I'll say what I want.


Mimi said...

You met Angel, how cool. I miss her blog. Is she doing well? Has Deana had her babies yet? As far as judging you, I would totally do the same thing. He had it coming. Also, I'll be it felt totally great having someone look and flirt with you. You go girl, it's not liked you jumped his bones, it was innocent. Take care.

hyka's mess said...

Lin ... we all need the attention!!

And I'm so jealous you got to meet Angel! She's a great person!!

Mimi ... Deana had her babies ... 9 weeks early, but she had her babies .... From what I hear, they are doing well

Carie said...

I miss Angels blog too...she was so funny...

I am with Hyka, we all need some attention, I hope Gary starts steping up for you real soon...

Tara said...

Lots of hugs for you sweetie!!! I think about you often! I'm on and off the board so much, I usually miss you when you're on.
Love ya!