Friday, June 08, 2007

I was feeling hopeful.. now not so much

The other day I saw my doctor. My primary care doctor. He said he would get me referred to the mental health clinic in the local hospital (BJAHC). He said within a week I'd have an appointment. He even gave me his personal cell #. I felt like there was some relief in sight. But I haven't heard anything yet and I'm afraid to call.

Gary's been told that all NCO's are required to go to the Battalion ball. At first I was excited. Now not so much. No matter what dress I find, I'll still look fat. My hair won't look nice. I'll still just be ugly.

No this is not a way to get compliments. It's how I feel. I feel hopeless again. I know Dr. Baruti will do what he said... but what if he doesn't.

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It's My Life For Now said...

Try not to waste the little energy you have on the "what ifs". If you don't hear from the dr. soon, CALL HIM...he gave you his cell # for a reason.

Hugs, Lin.