Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Morning Alone

This morning I had the morning all to myself! Last night when I realized this I was downright giddy. I pictured waking up for 10 minutes, getting the boys out the door then sleeping until... oh I don't know when. I do know whatever time I had envisioned in my fantasy included it being fully light outside. In my head danced delightful scenarios such as drinking coffee while it was hot rather than lukewarm since I wouldn't have to answer to pleas such as "Mommy, can I have Cheerios in a bowl like a puppy?" While I drank my hot coffee, I'd watch the news or some other mind-stimulating television. Oh no, there'd be no "Jo Jo's Circus," "Doodlebops," "Little Einsteins." I'd watch something that had no cutesy songs, nothing would be animated. All mind-stimulating, thought-provoking programming. Maybe I'd lounge on the couch and read a book that contained no pictures. Indeed, a very adult morning was planned. Then reality set came knocking.

After getting Gary and Gunner out the door, it wasn't even six. My body laughed at the thought of going back to bed. On to the hot coffee. Funny how it burns your tongue when it's not lukewarm. TV? Did you know that on cable-- the cable you pay for already -- most channels are paid programming this early in the morning? The thought provoking news shows are boring at best, downright depressing at times. Books. Oh many, but my mind is so used to reading a book in one sitting under 15 minutes that my mind started to wander... when would the dragon come into play? Where were the talking animals? Where, I ask, were the stories of morality cleverly hidden in child language? So it was a no go for reading.

The house is too quiet. The Cheerios sit in their box, safe from the hunger of a three year old boy-puppy-lion. But I have achieved a certain modicum of normality, my coffee has cooled down (ice cubes help that) and my background noise right now is something I'm very familiar with -- The Wiggles!

Tomorrow will be back to normal and I'm sure I'll look back on today and wonder what the heck I was thinking... but for now, I feel like all is right with the world... almost. It seems that any minute I should hear that little voice singing along with The Wiggles, asking for milk, whining about some perceived injustice in his little world.

For now, I'll just drink my coffee and watch Dorothy the Dinosaur do her signature dance. Heck, I might even join her.


Mimi said...

I look forward to time alone, but then I get bored and want someone to come home. I need to learn to enjoy the peace and quiet.

It's My Life For Now said...

I have to laugh at the toddler lion puppy. I have a 3 year old cat dog that will literally only speak in "meow" for a ridiculous amount of time. Gotta love it.

I loved this post. I may go back and reread it - it made me smile.