Saturday, July 21, 2007

I made a big decision

I'm pretty sure I'll be pulling Gunner out of daycare full-time. I would still send him part-time for many reasons, but mainly because he loves his school. This will save us a few hundred a month.

I really think I'm ready. I know it is weird to a lot of people that my son goes to daycare full-time and I don't work. It really helped when I was so overweight. Sad, but true. More importantly, emotionally I just couldn't do it. My depression was so overwhelming. But now it's under control. I keep thinking "what if..." Well if it comes back then I'll just deal with it then.

I'm going to make a little schedule for us to follow daily. I will also take Gary to and from work a lot so we have a car. This way we can go to the park. I'll also find other things to do.

I have some more thinking to do, but I'm definitely leaning towards doing it after my sinus sugery.

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