Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Isn't this stealing?

I read a blog today where a person -- why I do not know, never interacted with but just read her blog AND she seems like a pretty nifty person all in all -- anyway she basically let the credit card company give her a credit she was not due for $96. Every comment left for her seemed to applaud her for sticking it to the credit card company because after all THEY'RE sticking it to us, the consumer.

I disagree. In my opinion it's stealing. Plain and simple. If you saw someone drop $96 and you picked it up without returning it, would people applaud you? I don't think so.

As far as sticking it to the credit card companies.. well you have a choice: Have a credit card and all that goes along with it (good AND bad) or don't. No one is forced to have one. Even for online purchases you don't HAVE to have one. You can use your debit card.

This has really troubled me. Of course I'm not perfect at all. I do plenty of wrong things. Hmmm maybe stealing would be better than some of the things I do??


Laurel said...

It sounds like stealing to me. I think it is easier to steal from a big company because one can't put a face on the people one hurts.

On The Losing Side said...

Hi Laurel ~

Thanks for commenting. I agree that it is easier to steal from bigger companies. I am so parnoid about karma that if I accidently walk out of the store w/something I go back in and pay for it.

Carie said...

sounds like stealing to me as well...I always report when I get credit I don't deserve...especially at my bank lol...Ken is always telling me to keep my mouth shut its their job to find it...but like I told him it will turn around and bite you in the ass eventually...I am as paranoid as you lol