Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am WEIRD with money

I don't give to charity. No real reason. Sometimes the Police Associate will call and if Gary answers, he'll make a pledge. I just hang up. I hate the phone though so.....

What I do though is odd. I'll give money to strangers. Seriously. Homeless dude on the corner gets $ from me. I figure even if he is going to drink it away, so what? My not giving it to him isn't going to make him dry up.

A few years back I gave $3500 to a girl from my pregnancy website. Never saw a dime of it back. Never really expected to.

Tonight I was reading blogs and came upon one of a couple trying to raise $1800 to remodel the bathroom to be wheelchair accessible. I found that admirable. So, I did what I'm prone to do, donated $20. I figure they seem on the up and up. Even if it's a scam, $20 isn't going to break my bank.

I figure that if I help out people when I can, it comes back to me. But more importantly, I'll admit it -- IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT ME!! I don't do it for thanks. Or accolades. I do it to feel better about myself. Is that so wrong?


shoeaddict said...

Hey, thanks for visiting me and for the compliment. I hope you come back.

I give money to the little kids selling raffle tickets outside of Wal Mart. And what pregnancy website?

Hope to see you at the "Diary" again soon!!!

Sheila said...

I read your whole blog today. I will bookmark you and come back frequently! I appreciate the honesty expressed on your blog. Its very refreshing. I hope that it helps you to release it 'onto paper'.