Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome Home ~ You Stink!!!

Gary's home. Yippee. He got in Tuesday afternoon. Gunner was elated to see his daddy. I was too. I was not, however, elated to smell him. I guess after 11 days in the 114 degree heat with no shower isn't the best way to stay fresh and clean. I missed him, to be sure, but I honestly gagged (and not in the good way) when we were driving home. I had the a/c on high and the windows open. The man smelled ripe.

When we walked in the door, I made him strip. No, you pervs, not for the usual reason. I didn't want him to stink up the house. He stripped in the laundry room then went to shower. I had to light a candle, spray some air freshener and pray to the Gods of De-Stink before the odor of stinky infantryman wasn't wafting through the air.

Even after the shower, he still had a bit of an odor to him. Oh I didn't tell him this. I mean he did take a 20 minute shower. I'm positive he scrubbed. I just figure that kind of stench can't be cleansed in one session. I thought about adorning his body with some sort of air freshening devices, but decided against it.

I had planned on making him a steak, Alfredo and broccoli for dinner. Gunner, however, decided the best welcome home dinner for his daddy would be cereal. So, the boys sat down to heaping bowls of Wheaties. That meant one more night of no cooking for MOI!!!

Anyhoo, he's home now. My house isn't nearly as clean and neat as it has been the past two and a half weeks. The bed is harder to make in the morning due to me, a three year old and the daddy in it. I don't have the car at my disposal. My shower is not my own personal cleansing fountain. The sound of Madden 08 sometimes fills the air. The squeals of a three year old being chased by a Monster Daddy often startles me.

Yes, all is well for now in my world.

Welcome home Gary, I missed you oh so very much!!!

Taken in April... but still a picture of my darling one


Anonymous said...

Didn't see no picture but glad your man is home now.

Somebody should be real happy for the next few weeks ;)

Sheila said...

His first night home and you got out of cooking! Wonderful!