Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kid Rock

I triple heart Kid Rock. I do not know why. I just do. I make no excuses for the fact I so want to bathe him and then do very naughty things to him. Of course I realize that should miracles ever happen and I succeed in this goal, I'd need to take huge quantities of antibiotics and whatnot as he is rather...well.. skanky.

Anyway... He is in Atlanta on October 20. This is the closest venue to me for quite some time. I sooo want to go. Sadly, Gary would be a stick in the mud and no fun at the concert.

Guess my dream of bathing/molesting Kid Rock is put on hold yet again!


Mimi said...

Why don't you get a wig and hat and dress Gary up and pretend he's kid. Who knows, maybe a little role playing would be nice, lol.

Anonymous said...

Skanky is an understatement.

Pay for my day off work and I'm in!

On The Losing Side said...

Slick... that is a great offer. Are you expensive?