Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thank yous are in order

Dear Mr. Maintenance Man ~

Thank you very much for making it to my house today to fix the exhaust fan in my bathroom. While I'm thanking you, let me thank you for a few more things.

I'm ever so appreciative that you parked in my reserved parking space. Surely your beat up ole truck deserves to be parked wherever you deem worthy. What was I thinking to assume that others would understand the concept of "reserved?"

I'm absolutely thrilled that you had nothing identifying you as an employee of the company from which the government leases these homes. The mere fact you were standing on my doorstep looking vaguely pissed off at having to work should have clued me in that you were an employee. Excuse my rudeness for asking for identification. Please pardon me for having you wait on the porch while I telephoned the office and confirmed you did, in fact, work for them.

While I'm in the thanking mode, allow me to thank Company X. The managers of this lovely abode in which I live. Thank you for hiring such a skilled employee. I think it is terribly wonderful that you do not require your employees to shave, bathe or wear a badge of some sort identifying them as your employees. Incognito is the way to go. Let the residents guess, right?

Back to you Mr. Maintenance Man. Thank you for leaving my front door wide open while you went to your truck to retrieve your tools. I love the fact that quite a few bugs flew right in my home. The more the merrier, I always say. Regretfully, not a single lizard made its way in. Such a shame. Walking back in my house, unannounced, was true genius. What a great way to startle a resident. Keeps the blood pumping. Thank you for looking out for my cardiovascular health.

In closing, Company X and Mr. Maintenance Man, thank you for a stellar job. Mere words cannot express how much I enjoyed our interaction today.


Your Grateful Resident


Janelle said...

Found your blog via Miss Britt...just wanted to say that you and your hubby will be in my prayers from this day forward...keep us updated!! Congrats on your weight loss program...I soooo need to loose some extra baggage!! Maybe we can start a support group with each other. Maybe if I had to account to someone else about my eating habits and exercise, I might be able to actually stick to it...just a thought...Oh! and love what I read of your blog so far, sorry it hasn't been much, but I gotta go to bed...uggg...to be 19 again and stay up late and wake up early without a care in the world...where did the time go?? Oh! I ramble just to give you a heads up, LOL :) But I will be keeping you and your hubby in my prayers. Tell him thank you!! And thank you for the sacrifices you have to make while he is over there. I have on my MySpace page "God protect those who protect us” He is one of those people!!

Fantastagirl said...

So can you complain to someone? I'd be a little more than livid.

Anonymous said...

I'd have done it for a mere 200 bucks an hour Lin and you wouldn't have had to worry about security with me.

Nobody likes me anyways :)