Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maybe my marriage WILL work

I finally talked to Gary. The bottom line is that he does NOT want out of our marriage. He hasn't talked to these women in quite some time. We had a good talk. I think our marriage will be ok. We have a long road, but it CAN be done. He was in near-tears.

I had a friend delete the accounts. She was able to confirm to me that he has not talked to any woman on instant messenger nor has he talked to them in weeks. Which backs up what he said -- that he started it when he got over there. Right before he left, we had a big blow up. He was feeling like maybe our marriage wasn't right. He said over the past 45 days he's given it so much thought and he IS in love with me and realizes our marriage is what he wants.

He is afraid I'll leave. I'm not going to. We'll get through this. It will take prayer, counseling and lots of love. But we have the love.


Miranda said...

Lin, I have been & will continue to pray for you both. I am so glad you were able to speak with him about it & sort things out. Hugs to you! Miranda

primarycat said...

Lin, I'm so happy for you! You deserve it. I hope this works out better than it was before.

Susan Davis said...

I believe in it. Marriage is so special, and I see it wasted and ended on people who simply "can't get along anymore." And here you are, feeling betrayed, and there Gary is, far away in Afganistan having left on a bad note... and you both want to work on it. I'm so proud of you and if only other married couples had your determination, love, and faith, then we'd see much more older couples hand-in-hand on their 50th anniversary.

If you're going to forgive him, do it completely and keep NO counts of wrong doing. It may take some time, but REMEMBER there comes a point where you must move on 100% and forget everything.

Always do things to build up trust in eachother. That's your first step.

God bless.

Tara said...

Lin, I am so happy for you. I'm glad that things are looking up for you. You are always in my thoughts.