Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ever Have Those Days..

When everything just gets you. Today is one of them. I'm tired from being sick. Gunner's in rare form (being naughty). I feel overwhelmed and the truth is there is nothing really overwhelming going on in my life other than Gary being gone. Today I walked out into my kitchen and saw three dishes in the sink, realized I needed to put the clean dishes away and burst out in tears thinking how much I had to do. Ridiculous. It doesn't help that good ole Aunt Flow is here and she is here full-force. I'll be surprised if I'm not anemic after this...lol.


Susan Davis said...

I'm always anemic. I have a Dr. appt. soon to check out why. Oh, I commented to you on Oliver's blog. I like what you said.

Hugs for better days!

Carie said...

man I hate aunt flow, shes such a ***** lol...I wish there was something I could do to help...I can lend an ear whenever needed :) and when I get overwhelmed I just take it all 1 thing at a time, just remember the dishes can always wait till later if needed ;)