Thursday, April 05, 2007

Army Stupid

I hate Gary's unit. I have no idea where the breakdown begins, but I do know where it ends -- with Gary being screwed over. I'm not saying he's Super Soldier who never makes mistakes, but he's a damn good soldier with no negative counseling statements in over seven years in the Army. Since arriving in this unit, his moral has plummeted. It's not just him, there are career soldiers with only a few years left to retirement refusing to re-enlist because of the leadership! Doesn't anyone see what's going on and care??? No, they sure as hell don't.

First, there's his Platoon Sgt. I shall refer to him as McJackass. He has known Gary for the entire three years we have been here. They were in D. Co. together. Gary and McJackass were two of three soldier who attended a class together at Ft. Benning two years ago. McJackass knows Gary's work ethic. They got along very well in D. Co. Then Gary's moved to A. Co. and soon McJackass is too and given a platoon -- Gary's platoon. He has decided that no one is getting promoted for 90 days until he gets to know them. HE'S KNOWN GARY FOR THREE FREAKING YEARS. He is surly, rude and hateful. He gave a speech to his platoon the other day that went something like this: I have no use for you fuck ups. If all of you go on leave and don't come back, that'd be great! I don't care if you go tell the First Sergeant or CO. What's going to happen? All they'll do is tell me I can't be a platoon sergeant. Big fucking deal.

WHAT?! Then he wonders why morale is so low! The CO's head is so far up his own ass he has no clue what's going on in his company. The first sergeant is seriously bipolar, I swear. Some days he acts like a nice guy, other days he acts like he's never met you. It's weird.

When Gary re-enlsited over in Afghanistan one of the perks was that he got to go to school for six months. He's had to fight really hard to get the six WEEKS he has right now. McJackass has recommended all the way up to the Battalion Commander not to approve it. If it had not been for the Command Sgt. Major -- who happens to really like Gary -- it wouldn't have been approved!!! CSM M. knows Gary and basically told the Battalion Commander to approve it because he could personally vouch for Gary. HOW CAN IT BE DENIED?! It's in Gary's contract!!! UGH. Since then McJackass is even more hateful to Gary. He even said, "How come CSM M. likes you so much? Give him a hand job?"

Oh and now let me rant about promotions... and Gary's lack thereof. He's been an E5 for six years. This is ridiculous in the infantry world. Especially considering he made rank fast for even the infantry world. He had to receive time-in-service waivers for each promotion. He made it to E5 in 18 months in the Army. He has graduated every class with honors. He has no negative counseling statements. He was chosen to do the colors when the new brigade stood up (hard to translate to civilian terms). The reason he hasn't been promoted is basically he's been moved around so much. Even CSM M. told him this in Afghanistan. Oh yeah and he needs to improve his running. Sure, he passes all PT tests, but dang it, if you can't run like a track star, apparently you shouldn't be promoted. YET.. let me tell you about the people who HAVE received promotions...

.... Was sent home from the Qualifying Course for Special Forces for "attitude problems." During a rotation of a field problem, while acting-platoon sergeant, Sgt. R. approved of a plan on a live fire range that would have LIVE people down range. Subsequently, a soldier was killed. YES KILLED. The Army, in all of its wisdom, promotes this man. Job well done! Kill a soldier -- get a promotion.

Sgt. Miller ... Was relieved of a special duty assignment -- recruiter -- for violating rules. Lost rank from E5 to E4. Came to Ft. Polk. Failed the E5 board (remember he had been an E5 before, how do you fail it?!). Goes to Ranger School.. fails the physical training test. Gets sent back to Polk. Counseled twice for negative attitude. Makes it through as an E5 (oh did I mention that Gary was his sponsor for his E5 board. Was his squad leader and took special care to make sure Miller was trained properly before the second board??). While in Afghanistan, Gary is moved to another company so that Sgt. Miller can have time as a squad leader. Basically, he takes over Gary's truck and the following truck. On a mission, Sgt. Miller, arrogant SOB that he is, disregards safety rules and leaves the back hatch of the Humvee open while on patrol. As a result of an IED two of the three soldiers in his truck are injured (but not Miller, OF COURSE). One is burned severely. The other, a budding musician, loses use of his right hand due to nerve damage (damage which is made worse by later reports by Miller claiming this particluar soldier is FAKING it... only to find out he wasn't.). A soldier in the truck behind them received head wounds bad enough to have him evacuated to Germany. Gary is told by his old soldiers how they can't stand Sgt. Miller because he plays favorites and is clueless. How does the Army reward this man? A BRONZE STAR for acting with valor!! Why? Because he got them out of the situation alive. Let's overlook the fact that his actions got two soldiers severely wounded. Or that he was counseled for leaving the back hatch open. The fucker gets a BRONZE STAR. Oh and guess who is going to the E6 board soon?!?!

Basically if Gary wants a promotion he needs to either kill a soldier or get him wounded and he's got it made. Army strong? Hardly. ARMY STUPID. Hooah.

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Susan Davis said...

I fint it amazing how they promoted and gave a medal to that one guy, and didn't completely discharge the other guy.

It really makes you think.

On the other hand, I think it's great he made E-5 in 18 months... go Gary!

I hope he makes it to the E-6 board soon. More pay, more respect, different jobs, and maybe different duty stations... what more could you want.

God bless your family.