Monday, April 02, 2007

Back off!!!!

What the hell? There is a girl on my board who is very sweet. It seems that very often when she posts anything other than a strict fact -- like what her child did -- she is blasted. I asked a few other friends on the board if they noticed it and they did. WHY? This girl is probably one of the most genuine people I've ever encountered. I wouldn't call her a friend, per se, because honestly she and I have little in common other than the fact we both have three year olds. That doesn't mean I can't see how true and genuine she is. In the over three years I've known her, I've never seen her be harsh to anyone. I've never seen her swear -- oh wait once she said biotch (and I laughed my ass off because it was so cute to see the "rebel" in her come out). Is she perfect, nope. But who is?

She is also one of the few people I know who is what most would term "religious" and isn't hypocritical. So many people are such hypcrites when it comes to religion. She doesn't seem to be, unless she's been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes for three years. She lives her life according to her faith. I admire that more than someone who has a million dollar bank account.

Anyway, I get so irritated when I see her attacked. Now, most who read my blog are on my board and will know who I'm talking about. You might even think "how was she attacked?" But if you stop and think about what a gentle soul she is, you have to realize that some things said to her in certain ways will hurt her feelings more than some. I try to tailor my posts to the person I am talking to. We do that everyday in life -- tailor our actions to who we are dealing with. Some girls on the board I can call a bitch jokingly and that's just that.. a joke. I'd NEVER do that to this girl because it would seem wrong on many levels.

I guess I'm rambling at this point. The fact is I see it often -- the girl getting slammed (sometimes subtly) for having a mild opinion. It pisses me off. She has been told before that she's a push over, but then people walk all over her. UGH.


Susan Davis said...

While I made a few friends from my board, I felt so alienated by most of the people on it. I never go to PW anymore. I am sorry that online people are being such jerks to undeserving folks like this girl you're talking about. When people would be rude to me, some would PM me and tell me they support me, but I wished they would have said it publicly and let the haters know that they had my back. Do you support her publicly in the post?

Carie said...

I don't belong to any parenting boards, but I did join one for my pets...and there are times when people post questions or make comments that they get dumped on big time...wierd how people feel they have the right to judge others...I hope shes ok in the end