Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I wish I had

I wish I had:

*A fun female friend to go riding in a convertible with – top down (on the car, not us!)—blaring music and laughing. Nothing “Thelma & Louisa”-like. Just fun.

*A friend, male or female, to go to a coffee shop to sit and talk about random things. Nothing that is in our lives. Things such as serial killers, successful women, etc. Just random, odd things.

*The desire to shower and get dressed.

As for my birthday -- not a single card or gift. I suck.


Sheila said...

Damn! I suck! I was going to leave a lame birthday comment at least... I'm sorry.

Not that it helps, but I have a convertible...?

matkins said...

Just started reading your blog this weekend and am enjoying getting to know you : )

Sorry for the sucky birthday. Mine is next week and it will be the first time I'll be home alone on my b-day because my son is away at college this year...

Anyway, happy belated birthday : )

Fantastagirl said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday!!

Happy belated birthday!

Avitable said...

Happy belated birthday - you know, you have to post that day so we can shower you with birthday wishes. That's how it works!

On The Losing Side said...

Sheila ~ Why do all the cool people live so far away. I think we'd have fun.

Matkins ~ Thanks for the wishes. Thanks for reading.

Fantastagirl -- you've got a lot on your plate. Hope your grams is doing well.

Avitable ~ Yeah, I know now for next year.

hyka's mess said...

Hang in there! I wish I would have remembered to mail you a card for your birthday!